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Slave Trade

Cross curricular links with history.  Excellent Slave Trade links can be found at School History.  There are numerous links that have been carefully selected and listed.

Blues History
A good site that discusses the history of Blues music.  Clear information for extra research.  Information about singers and instruments is also available.

Blues Tour
A good site that guides you through Blues music.  Information about the history and singers.  Great pictures 

Bessie Smith
Text heavy article that provides information about popular Blues artists including Bessie Smith and Muddy Waters..  A good resource for biographical detail.

Muddy Waters
Another useful biographical page about Muddy Waters. Clear and precise information.

The Official Muddy Waters Website
A tremendous website packed with information about Muddy Waters and his contribution to the World of Blues music.  Find his biography, song lyrics, midi files and lots more at this site.

Louis Armstrong
Find out about the life and music of Louis Armstrong.  Good information and excellent pictures.  Some links do not work and there are a few mistakes on the page, however still a good place to find general facts.

Last updated 27 January 2002

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