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What is this unit all about?

Caribbean Music - Reggae and Calypso


Within this unit of study we will develop our listening and appraising skills by listening to a variety of Caribbean music, in particular UB40 and Bob Marley.  We will develop awareness of Reggae and Calypso and use riff and syncopation in our performances

You will learn to

Identify the different styles used - in particular reggae and calypso

Develop aural awareness

Respond to and evaluate music from the Caribbean

Produce a class performance of a reggae song in parts

Play a syncopated chord part

Play a riff part in a reggae style

Plan and rehearse performances for recording

You will learn about

Different musical styles - Calypso, Reggae, Mento, Merengue and Ska

Riff and syncopation

Performers of Reggae - UB40 and Bob Marley



Accompaniment (chords)

Bassline (Riff)

Your work will show

Knowledge of the musical styles and forms in Caribbean music

Understanding and awareness of social, cultural and historical influences

Good listening skills and application of theory

The ability to work well on your own and with others in performance work

A good sense of rhythm and a feel for the flavour of the music

The ability to perform syncopated chord and riff parts 

The ability to fit part with others in class performance

Your finished work will include

A written record of listening tasks

Well researched and written homework in your own words

A project 

A recording of the class performance

Last updated 26 January 2002

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