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Pop News and quizzes from BBC

Pop Shot
For the pop pros this shockwave quiz challenges you to answer 3 questions on 6 artists.

Haven't we met before?
Did you know your love in a former life?

So pop
Only 10 out 10 will do. Is your music knowledge up-to-the-minute

Money, money, money
Are you destined to be rich? Answer a few questions to find out.
If you think you know your Soaps, test yourself on this timed quiz.

Sport - balls
Are your footie skills impressive off the pitch as well as on?

Weird quizzes
See if you're an alien, vampire, psychic or otherwise spooky
R u an animal?
What's your totem animal? A few searching questions will reveal all...
How fashionable are you?
So celeb
The clock is ticking as we test your celebrity know-how.

Loved up quizzes
Discover your lurve traits...

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